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The Steelers are 0-2; Big Ben is out for the season due to surgery on his right elbow; I’m still hungover from a wedding I went to this Saturday; This should be an interesting recap.

I had high hopes for episode six, and coming off of last week’s “Tern Haven” I was sure this was going to just as climactic. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that happened. It wasn’t that this episode was bad, because it wasn’t, it just wasn’t as strong as what I would have hoped. Almost midseason and what has happened besides the Pierce merger? The good news is, as we round the back half of the season, the next set of episodes should start to start to pick up, hopefully.

“Argestes” takes us along with the Roys to a corporate retreat full of high powered people as well as a $70 cobb salad. You know this retreat is big when there are armed guards standing between the paparazzi and the guests; and the fact that it took Logan’s private plane an extra 45 minutes to land due to air traffic congestion. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Most of this week’s storyline has to due with the New York Magazine article outlining how Waystar’s Cruise division has committed crimes ranging from sexual assault to murder. We learned a little bit about this scandal early on in Season 1, where Tom makes Greg miss Thanksgiving dinner to do some “light” shredding. Now, the fictional New York Magazine is threatening to release this article, and the team needs to scramble, to not only have this killed or pushed back but to close the deal with Pierce’s before this breaks.

via The Ringer

via The Ringer

Tom, the current head of ATN and the former head of Waystar North America, found out about this scandal early on into this retreat. Naturally, he assumes that when the article is released that it is somewhat about him and that his name is written all over it, which it’s not, and when the article is released it doesn’t seem to be as bad as everyone would have thought. It turns out that a majority of individuals who were victims signed NDAs - which means they cannot talk about it publicly. Except for one woman who was assaulted by none other than “Mo” Lester, who tragically (?) passed away a few episodes ago. You may be asking yourself, why was this so nonchalantly brought up given the 2019 climate towards assaulting women? And you’re absolutely right. But these characters are horrible people and having a scandal that only involves one woman from about 20 years ago, they don’t really care. 

In addition to the Brightstar Cruise scandal, Tom is set to give a keynote at one of the seminars where he is ready to announce ATN’s new slogan “We Hear You”. BUT WAIT, cousin Greg finds Tom while he’s on his nature walk to tell him that Waystar’s legal department killed the slogan because as it turns out, ATN has devices that may or may not be listening to its customer’s conversations. Don’t worry, it’s borderline legal since it was designed to enhance the user’s experience; but the fact is Tom can’t use the new slogan as it’s technically true.

While all of this is going on, Shiv was not invited to this retreat. One can assume this has to do with her blurting out that she will be taking over as CEO in “Tern Haven”. Ultimately, Logan summons her when news about the cruise division breaks. 

Connor is MIA this episode, which means he’s probably focused on his presidential campaign and Marsha, once again, has not been given that much screen time.

With all of the Roy kids at the summit, except for Connor, Logan puts them ALL on PR duty to try to get ahead of this crisis. So much so, that he has all three of his kids speak at a panel that was scheduled for later that weekend. This acts as the perfect scenario for Shiv to take the lead. 

Logan was in rare form this week. From the very first scene, we see Logan act out of character, and I’m talking about when he offers to, “just give them what they want,” referring to agreeing to all of PMG’s demands. Now, this could be because he knows that acquiring PMG seems to be the only way Waystar will be able to survive the proxy case, but as we’ve seen from early episodes of this season, he could just be getting old. Very rarely do we see him lose his composure and that’s why the final scene of episode five was so strong. Logan has been, and assumedly is always, calm and level-headed, but when he Nan pulls out of the merger Logan essentially throws a temper tantrum in the parking lot of the resort by begging and pounding on the car window as Nan drives off.

via The Ringer

via The Ringer

The only behavior from Logan that didn’t surprise was when he backhanded Roman towards the end of the episode. What did surprise me about that scene was how quickly Kendall jumped to Roman’s defense. No one was surprised that this happened, we know that Roman was abused by Logan at one point, but this wasn’t that. Logan just took out his aggression on the first person who got in his way, and Kendall as his brother was right there by his side. As a younger brother, it was a great moment in an otherwise bleak episode.


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